1. In charge of accident data analysis for ORCA (Occupational Risk Calculator) risk assessment tool for RIVM/Ministry of SZW in The Netherlands

  2. Developed a safety barrier awareness program for the UK Health and

Safety Executive

  1. Development of user interface for risk assessment and data management software for CATS (Causal Model for Air Transport Safety) together with JPSC Ltd for TUDelft/Ministry of Transport & Water Management, The Netherlands

  2. Risk assessment/safety advice for a storage design company in the UK

White Queen has

  1. An understanding of the general approach to risk assessment

  2. The capacity to apply this to the workplace and the tasks required;

   (a) identifying the hazards and barriers

   (b) calculating the risks

   (c) assessing and prioritising the need for action;

   (d) suggesting options available to eliminate or reduce risks

   (e) promoting and communicating safety improvements and good practices

Previous experience